Gesundheit is a German word meaning health.  In the US, it’s frequently used interchangeably with “God bless you” to wish a person good health after a sneeze. I hope it makes you smile.


Welcome to Gesundheit Publishing, the place to find music (and a few stories) by Marilyn Power Scott.

m-p-r-coverMany-Petaled Rose CD & Song Book

A collection of 20 original a cappella songs and rounds
Universe willing, the song book will be available in August 2016

Digital downloads are  available from cdbaby.

Spirit of Harmony CD & Song Book

A collection of 30 original a cappella rounds and songs,

as well as the UU Choir Collection 2014, a booklet of 8 additional songs and rounds

Digital downloads for the CD are available from cdbaby.

Lullabies Simply Sung CD

A collection of 20 lullabies from various countries sung a cappella by Marilyn

Digital downloads are available from cdbaby.


Four free, downloadable  short stories–retellings of some very old tales.