About Us

Hello. I’m Marilyn Power Scott, the culprit responsible for the items on this Web site–composer of the Spirit of Harmony and Many-Petaled Rose songs and rounds, main conductor for the CDs, scribe for the four short stories, and singer of lullabies. I have had a lifelong devotion to music, especially a cappella choral music. It has taken many forms, from formal academic studies and ensemble performance to composing and informal singing with friends. The rounds began emerging in 2000; the part songs started showing up in 2006.

Gesundheit Publishing, at 516 Alan Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93109, has published the items available on this site.  I’m the culprit here, too. The name was chosen years ago, when I  launched my first creative effort: Hit Me–Hug Me Hermie, a big, soft anger management tool. It had a short, good life, and I’m delighted to use the name again.

Spirit of Harmony Threshold Ensemble is a gathering of women, about half from the Santa Barbara community and about half from the San Francisco Bay area and beyond, the   majority of whom sing with various chapters of the international Threshold Choir, founded in 2000 by Kate Munger.