Many-Petaled Rose

Drawing from classical, folk and world music, this collection of 20 three-to four-part a cappella songs and rounds are all prayers in a universal way, though that may seem a stretch for some of them.


“I come away with an all-encompassing feeling of peace and calmness….If only the entire world could hear the words of these universal prayers.” —Ryckje Wagner

“This CD has been my safe place, my soothing salve.” —Joan Owen

“This is the most heavenly music…the messages and chords go straight to my heart. Marilyn Power Scott is a true healer-musician. Her work makes the world better.” —Enid Osborn


m-p-r-coverMany-Petaled Rose CD

Recorded by the Spirit of Harmony Threshold Ensemble. Choral masters Melanie DeMore and Kate Munger share conducting with the composer. Lyrics booklet included. Listen to the songs.

$15 ea


10 or more $12 ea


Many-Petaled Rose Song Book

Contains the 20 songs and rounds by Marilyn Power Scott on the CD.
$15 ea

10 or more $12 ea

Set of 1 CD and 1 Song Book  $27 ea