Suggested Resources

CDs to hear more great rounds and songs:
Any by Libana:
Any of Becky Reardon’s: has information about them and about purchasing. Becky’s rounds are marvelous and surprising.
Melanie DeMore’s beautiful CD’s especially In the Mother House. Check out her web site:
Terry Garthwaite’s catchy, rhythmic and haunting tunes, some rounds, some not, can be found at
The original version of “Kinder” is on The Right To Be Here by Copper Wimmin, available from
   •  Threshold Choir’s Tenderly Rain and Walking Each Other Home, at
Links to people involved with the CDs:
 Kate Munger:
 Melanie DeMore:
 Joan Linton:
 Kay Caldwell:
 DeCola and Eusebi Studio:
 Winged Heart:
   •  Mission San Antonio De Padua:
   •  Opus 1 mobile recording:
   •  Threshold Choir:
Books of rounds:
101 Rounds for Singing and Sacred Canons (1963), World Around Songs, Inc., Route 5, Box 398, Burnsville, NC 28714.
Rounds Galore! by Sol Weber (1994), Sol Weber, 25-14 37th St, Astoria, NY 11103-4228.
Pass It Around! by Kay Eskenazi (2003),